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DM-Lea - First Officially Endorsed Community Map for the New Unreal Tournament

DM-Lea is a collaborative work between me (Neil aka CaptainMigraine) and several community members of Unreal Tournament. It is a remake with permission of a popular Unreal Tournament 2004 duel map by H1ghTecM@N^ (C├ędric Mourouvin) This took many months. 95% of all assets were made by myself, including custom static meshes, textures, blueprints, most level design decisions, etc. Other assets were contributed by various community members. The goal of this project was to provide Unreal Tournament with a solid competitive duel map with the visual fidelity of very well made map, while taking advantage of new Unreal Engine 4 features such as blueprints.


Other members contributed such as MasterG, who helped create some textures during the early alpha phase, some of which made it into the final version. Community member Fabian Joosten (Nonemm) created the music. Steven Michael Bryan created many of the natural rock structures for the external environment. Robert Sperry helped with backstory and descriptions.

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Work In Progress: Easy Planet - A Creative and Easy Way to Add an Awesome Planet to Your Unreal Project

After finishing work on DM-Lea, I decided to make a planet for my friend Nonemm. I delivered a great looking planet, but I couldn't resist improving the planet. A week later, I had a fully customizable planet, with random land/ocean generation, clouds, sea level manipulators, color changers, etc. I plan on adding Saturn style rings and rotating planets. Eventually, I hope to put this on the marketplace for very cheap. Here's a demonstration video.

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